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Comet Pump Repair Kits and Parts

We stock the most common repair kits and parts. If part needed is not listed please call for price and availability. Repair kits are also located at bottom of page.

Name Part No. Description Quantity Price Order
Repair Kit Comet Pump CMT-31542 *Valve Kit
*Comet No. 5025.0011.00

(Old PWP # APU-4301)

Repair Kit Comet Pump CMT-31555 *Piston Seal Kit for ZWD Series - 15mm
*Comet No. 5019.0064.00

(Old PWP # APU-4314)

Repair Kit Comet Pump CMT-31556 *Oil Seal Kit for ZWD Version - Hollow Shaft
*Comet No. 5019.0065.00

(Old PWP # APU-4315)

Repair Kit Comet Pump CMT-31557 *Piston Kit for LW and ZWD Series - 15mm
*Comet No. 2409.0071.00

(Old PWP # APU-4316)
$114.57, Power Washing/Water Pressure Cleaning, Sioux Falls, SD
Spearfish, SD U.S.A.

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