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Scaltrol Water Treatment

Dispenser of polyphosphate providing protection against all mineral scale and staining. Protects against chlorides, works on calcium/iron/copper/manganese. Improves performance of heating systems! Improves steamer performance!

Name Part No. Description Quantity Price Order
Scaltrol - Scale Reducer Unit

SCA-36309 *SC-50
*Includes one SC-50 cartridge.
*Waterflow - 0-20 GPM
*Medium water usage 50,000 gallon
*Max Pressure Head & Sump - 125 PSI
*Max Temp Head & Sump - 125 F
*Line Size - 1/2" to 3/4"
*Protects against mineral scale & staining
*Scaltrol units are to be fitted on COLD water lines.

(Old PWP # AAC-2730)

Scaltrol - Scale Reducer Unit

SCA-36310 *SC-100
*Includes one SC-100 cartridge.
*Waterflow - 0-20 GPM
*Medium water usage 100,000 gallon
*Max Pressure Head & Sump - 125 PSI
*Max Temp Head & Sump - 125 F
*Line Size - 1/2" to 3/4"
*Protects against mineral scale & staining
*Scaltrol units are to be fitted on COLD water lines.

(Old PWP # AAC-2731)

Scaltrol - Scale Reducer Cartridge

SCA-36312 *Replacement cartridge for SC-50 unit

(Old PWP # AAC-2733)

Scaltrol - Scale Reducer Cartridge

SCA-36313 *Replacement cartridge for SC-100 unit

(Old PWP # AAC-2734)

Additional Scaltrol Water Treatment Information

Water is known as the universal solvent. Most water supplies are usually saturated with large amounts of minerals, such as calcium carbonate (limescale), calcium sulfate, iron and manganese, which can cause corrosion and scaling. The amount of minerals carried in saturation varies with the type of rock formation and other factors such as pH, oxygen content and temperature.

When water is saturated with minerals, any increase in temperature or pressure drop will cause the minerals to precipitate (form scale). So, water passing through a water faucet, shower head, or the heat in a water heater will change with the waters ability to hold the dissolved minerals in suspension. Water treatment systems like Scaltrols help prevent such mineral scale.

How it Works Scaltrol controls corrosion by chlorides and minerals, by depositing a microscopic film of phosphate to all surfaces. It is well known that a layer of scale 1/4" on a heating element will decrease the efficiency, and will subsequently increase your energy bills by up to 40%.

Simply, Scaltrol stops mineral scale by introducing a measured amount of sequestrant into the water. The mineral molecules, which have a positive charge, are attracted to and held in suspension by the negative charge of the sequestrant. The mineral molecules are unable to join together, so scale is unable to form.

It dispenses polyphosphate that provides protection against all mineral scale and staining from a glass reinforced nylon head and housing that are designed to handle higher temperature and pressure applications. These glass reinforced nylon Scaltrol units are designed to be used with hot water applications or high pressure applications (up to 200psi) such as dishwashers, booster heaters, steamers and combi-ovens.

Scaltrol has developed a patented venturi dispensing head which provides an effective and efficient feedrate of the polyphosphates!

Information provided by manufacturers of equipment using water indicate that 80% of all service calls are problems caused by water. Water that is heated will cause scale nine times faster as it approaches boiling point. Water that is pressurized (for instance, spray nozzles) will form scale four times faster than regular cold faucet water.

Installing a Scaltrol Water Treatment Unit A Scaltrol unit is simple to install because it is non-electrical, non-magnetic and non-mechanical.

The Scaltrol unit may be fitted on hot or cold waterlines. Water pressure for effective dispensing of Scaltrol mineral and lime scale preventative should not exceed 200psi and a check valve may be installed before the Scaltrol unit. Care must be taken to prevent the unit and waterline from freezing.

The top of the unit must be fitted in a horizontal position. This will ensure proper dispensing of Scaltrol into the water system., Power Washing/Water Pressure Cleaning, Sioux Falls, SD
Spearfish, SD U.S.A.

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