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Cleaning Detergents - Institution & Food Preparation

These detegents contain Accu-blended formulations to give you a powerfully effective and safe cleaning experience.
5 Gallons - premixed and ready to use.
Kit - enough chemical to make 55 gallons. Mixture instructions comes with detergent.
55 Gallons - premixed and ready to use. Shipped by freight. Call for quote.
Name Description Quantity Order
Chloroclean 512

Size/Price/Part No.
*Contains chlorine for added cleaning power.
*Cleans up greases, oils and carbon related soils.
*Safe to use on food preparation surfaces.
*Contains ScaleStop to protect machine systems from scale build-up.
*Great for protein and fat removal.
*Ideal for bakeries, restaurants, packing plants, schools, hog confinements.
*Description: clear liquid.
*10% actives.
*Application: upstream, downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water.

Super Blitz 525

Size/Price/Part No.
*For use in baked-on and carbon-stained surfaces.
*Also works excellently as a paint stripper on tough paint stripping projects.*Contains ScaleStop to protect machine systems from scale build-up.
*Ideal for bakeries, packing plants, resturants and most hard-baked kitchen applications.
*Description: brown liquid.
*20% actives.
*Application: pre-spray, hot water., Power Washing/Water Pressure Cleaning, Sioux Falls, SD
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