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Adapters - couple European fittings to US pipe thread.

Adjustable Nozzle Holders - adjusts the PSI of nozzle by allowing water to divert to ground.

Chemical Injectors & Soap Screens - downstream and upstream chemical injectors made of brass or stainless steel.

Chemical Siphon Pump - used to siphon mild acids, water base fluids, detergents, kerosene, light oils from 15-55 gallon drums.

Double Nozzle Holder - have low pressure for soap and high pressure for rinsing. To switch nozzles while using release trigger gun, tilt double nozzle holder to direct ball onto nozzle side that you do not want to use (water pressure will hold ball in place while using).

Foam Products - high pressure injection. Dispense thick clinging foam to any surface. Great for areas such as meat packing plants that need foam to cut through animal grease. Attaches to trigger gun.

Foot Actuated Valves - use with sewer hose and nozzle operation. Foot controlled to leave both hands free.

Gauges - Pressure Gauges, Monometer Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Temperature Gauge, and Gauge Quick Disconnect.

Industrial Sand Blast Kit - heavy duty industrial grade sand blast kit. Will remove coatings from almost any surface, such as metal, heavy graffiti accumulations, and paint preparation.

Pressure & Thermal Relief Valves

Pressure Washer Cart Tires

Rotating Brush - low pressure rotating brush to remove dirt on more sensitive surfaces.

Scaltrol Water Treatment - dispenser of polyphosphate providing protection against all mineral scale and staining. Protects against chlorides, works on calcium/iron/copper/manganese improves performance of heating systems.

Sewer Nozzles & Sewer Hoses

Sludge Pump - turn your pressure washer into a high output pump. Empty rain water from construction sites, cleaning up chemical spills, or remove slurry from a car wash at 10:1 ratio.

Special Purpose Nozzles

Spray & Soap Nozzles

Spray Nozzles Rotating

Spray Nozzles Variable

Suttner America's ST-72 Foam Lance - when used in conjuction with a trigger gun and downstream injector, allows cleaning agents or disinfectants to be applied evenly over a large surface.


Tank Cleaning Nozzles - are designed for cleaning interior surfaces of tanks, totes, and drums. The small turet fits through most barel and tank access ports. Each is available with 2 or 4 high-pressure nozzles for complete orbital coverage of interior surfaces. Stainless steel construction is sutiable for use in the fo0d industry., Power Washing/Water Pressure Cleaning, Sioux Falls, SD
Spearfish, SD U.S.A.

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