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Cleaning Detergents - Transportation

Safe for all painted surfaces, these detergents are delicately balanced to power through vechicle grime. Rust and corrosion inhibitors are Accu-blended to protect vehicle exteriors. Formulated for high pressure, hot water cleaning.

5 Gallons - premixed and ready to use.
Kit - enough chemical to make 55 gallons. Mixture instructions comes with detergent.
55 Gallons - premixed and ready to use. Shipped by freight. Call for quote.
Name Description Quantity Order
Carbontuf 504

Size/Price/Part No.
*Heavy butly-blended detergent.
*Removes dirt, oil, grease and grime.
*Safe to use on food surfaces.
*Also safe on polished aluminum surfaces.
*Ideal for: pre-spray on tires, vinyl, metal. Engines, wheels, metals.
*Description: green liquid.
*18% actives.

(Old PWP # H-80300)

FC Ultra - 505

Size/Price/Part No.
*Natural citrus degreaser.
*Dissolves grease, grime, road film and most industrial soils.
*Helps restore faded paint surfaces.
*Ideal for: pre-spray for aluminum, stainless steel, metal, tires and engines. Glass, painted surfaces, polished aluminum.
Description: blue liquid.
*19% activies.

(Old PWP # H-80310), Power Washing/Water Pressure Cleaning, Sioux Falls, SD
Spearfish, SD U.S.A.

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