Open (Triggerless) Pressure Washer Spray Guns

ST-1500H Open Gun - 12 gpm 4000 psi - 3/8 in Inlet x 1/4 in Outlet
ST-1500H Open Gun - 12 gpm 4000 psi - 3/8 in Inlet x 1/4 in Outlet
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Open pressure washer guns do not have a trigger to interrupt the water flow. These guns will be spraying whenever the pressure washer is running and can be used on machines without an unloader valve.

Open pressure washer spray guns help minimize fatigue on very large cleaning projects, as the operator does not need to keep a trigger held for long periods of time. They are also very affordable and have minimal internal components to wear out and cause downtime. Open spray guns are also commonly used with steam cleaners as they provide a constant flow of steam to avoid overpressurization.

We stock the most popular open gun in the industry, the ST-1500H from Suttner America. This gun has a distinctive blue body and lives up to the excellent reputation that Suttner has for quality and dependability. The ST-1500H spray gun is a favorite among contract cleaners, especially those washing large dairy operations, hog barns, and other animal confinement buildings. It is also popular with pressure washer rental yards as it eliminates the possibility of a machine being left in bypass and overheating the pump on rented equipment.

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